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Traditional Burial

In Ireland a traditional burial can mean different types of ceremonies to different people according to their religious beliefs. Generally traditional burial ceremonies typically take place over the course of at least two to three days and have three distinct stages. First there is the “viewing” (also called a “wake” in some religions such as the Catholic faith). In this portion of the burial ceremony, the deceased’s body is on display for public viewing for a pre- defined number of hours (chosen by the family of the decedent). Friends and family members approach the coffin one-by-one and pay their final, private respects. The coffin may be open or remain closed. The other two stages include the ceremony and finally the burial.

Similarly there are many Protestant denominations, including Baptist, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, and Presbyterian etc. which are usually conducted by a pastor/minister that follow some of the same steps as above.

Note: During recent years families may choose some of the steps involved in a traditional funeral (regardless of their religious beliefs) however, may choose e.g. a cremation following a prayer service as an alternative to the traditional burial.

There is generally some type of eulogy, from special friends and relatives and some of the most beloved music (and possibly poetry) enjoyed by the deceased. All burial ceremonies are intended to be a celebration of a person’s life.


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